Friday, July 28, 2017

Looks Like Chicory, But Is It?

Okay, so I found this plant by the side of the road. I was taking pictures of wildflowers that day, so I took several of this one. I barely remember getting the pictures, and I'll tell you why that is something that happens to me.

Whenever I go out with the purpose of getting lots of pictures I forget everything else and I just concentrate on getting those pictures. Nothing else. The real purpose of going out is to enjoy nature, but I forget to do that at its fullest when I get locked in on taking nature pictures. And I go too fast. I always do it and I can't help it at all.

So I only remember taking a bunch of pictures. I don't remember what the specific subjects of my pictures were at the time. I only remember taking lots of pictures. There were just so many flowers out there that they all seemed to run together a bit. I need to slow down and think a bit more. But I've been trying for years. I still have lots of fun though anyway.

So I looked at all my pictures when I got home. I remember getting lots of good ones, and I vaguely remember examining this when I took the pictures. When I saw these specific pictures I thought, "Oh good, it's chicory."

But it looks kind of funny. The petals are thinner than any chicory I've seen before. The plant looks like chicory to me in the pictures. And I did examine the plant while I was out there, but I don't remember enough about it. So I'm just not sure.

I did do lots of searching on the internet and in a few plant guides, but I found nothing other than it might be chicory. I know one person who would have an answer for me right away, but she has become a hermit. So maybe I'll never find the answer. Such a shame.

So after telling you of my ignorance of nature once again, I have a confession to make. I only pretend to be so ignorant. If you dig around this blog and Nature Center Magazine for a bit, you'll see that I'm a terrible liar. I pretend to be a beginner because it's more fun that way for me and for you. While I'm not a super expert, you probably won't find many people with as much knowledge of nature and wildlife as I have.

So now you know my terrible secret. I'll deny all of this in my very next post. I'll be back to bumbling my way through an encounter with a skunk or an elm tree or something like that. It's all about having fun with nature. And I really am having a lot of fun. I'll talk to you later.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Giant Puffballs

I found something fun recently. You'll like it because it's unique enough to deserve its own post. This giant puffball plant was kind of a mystery to me when I took the picture. But I know a little more about it now.

This plant goes by many names, but the name I found first was Western Salsify. The scientific name for the plant is Tragopogon Dubius. Some people think of it as a giant dandelion. I read that it even starts out with a similar yellow flower that turns into these big puffballs.

This plant is considered an invasive plant in the United States since it originally comes from Europe and Asia. You can probably say that about a lot of plants. I still think it fits right in, and it looks unique enough to merit this little post from me. So I think it's just fine.

As always, I might have terribly misidentified this plant. I never claim to know much about plants except what I learn on the internet. And I usually learn as I go along. I will say though that I think I know more than most people about plants because I have actually gathered quite a lot of information over the years.

If you like, you can find more information on this plant by searching the internet. It's pretty easy, and fun too. I'm not trying to be an encyclopedia, which would be terrible. I'm just trying to spark your interest in nature. That is fun too. I'll talk to you later.