Friday, March 16, 2018

Out Back

I sometimes forget that there is a lot of nature very close to me, so after remembering this, I decided to get a little more local with my pictures this time. These pictures today are from the very back end of my property.

One year my dad planted the whole field back here with potatoes. He had a nearby neighbor help with that. The neighbor had no idea what to do with so many potatoes because he is from a country that doesn't really eat potatoes very much. Being Irish, and from around here, my dad loved potatoes more than any other food. He ate them all.

I've been letting things grow a bit back there because that's the way I like it.Most of the junk is left over from my dad. He loved junk. He always found creative ways to make just about anything useful.

A couple of years before I got here my dad had cows back here. He eventually herded them all to a farm he had in South Dakota, so I never saw them. They were probably all turned into steaks by the time I got here.

I don't do much with the land out here. That's mostly because I grew up in the city. I'm used to a lot less land. I don't want to try to be a farmer so I let the land go kind of wild. I do cut a lot of wood though. There aren't lots of trees in this part of the country, but there are plenty for what I need.

I mentioned my dad a couple of times because I can't help but think of him whenever I walk around the far ends of this property. This was his place. I don't know that he particularly loved this property more than any other he had, but it was his. It was where he chose to live his last days. So it will always make me think of him.

I'm still not posting much because I injured myself right after my last post. All I was doing was moving furniture around in my living room and I hurt something in my back. The pain made me sleep for two straight days. Now I don't feel it unless I move too quickly. So I'm staying kind of close to home until I feel just a little better. I'm almost there.

I've only shown you a little bit of this place out here. Since I can really only get around close to home right now, I'll show you more of this place in my next post or two. I try not to reveal too much about my own stuff because that's kind of boring, but I have some cool nature stuff out here. I'll share more of it when I talk to you later.

Friday, March 2, 2018

A Snowy New Adventure

I finally have some new pictures from a brand new everyday adventure. It was only a little difficult walking through the deep snow, and only because I'm not used to doing it. But I had such a great time.

When I got out there I remembered how much I love going to the nature parks. Some of them are still closed around here until spring, but they'll be opening up very soon. It's warming up fast, and I think the snow will not last much longer.

I also have the interesting experiment in photo editing for you that I've been doing lately. I decided to take these snowy photos and put them through the editor and see if I can improve them a bit. Let's see how I did.

The top photo is the one I changed a little with some small edits. The second one above is the unedited photo. I brought out the detail in the whole picture, especially the snow. Now you can see all of the footprints and other details in the snow. And I also brought out a lot of detail and some color in the trees and other vegetation.

I think overall the newer edited picture is easier to look at. I saw the detail while I was out there. Now you can see it too.

So, what do you think? Do you like the first or second picture more, and why?

I did the same exact thing here with these next two pictures. I saved my exact editing process from the first photo and used it on this one as well. So you can see the results in the picture above. The last picture is the unedited version.

You might be able to appreciate these last ones more after clicking on them to see the larger versions. I like the detail I made with this one, but I'm not sure about the deeper shadows. Maybe I should have turned those shadows down a bit. They look nice on the original full-size unbloggerized photos that I can't share though.

I won't torture you with the details of my photo edits every time. I just thought it might be interesting this time to do this with some new pictures. So enjoy this type of post while it's here. I may do it again when it's appropriate, but I'll go back to regular stuff next.

And I'm not quite ready for my incredible stunt that I hinted at in my last post. I thought about doing it on this last outing, but in the end, I decided to wait until some of the snow melts. I think that won't be much longer. I hope you'll like this stunt as well as I think I will. Maybe some of you will try to duplicate it once I do it. I hope so. I wish I could tell you what it is! Soon...

 I'll talk to you later.